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Real Estate Portfolio Investment & Management

OPERA  is a value-added real estate investment and operating company that invests in distressed assets through private funding. We seek to enhance the value of each investment through underwriting and active design, renovation, development, leasing and property management.

OPERA is a full-service real estate investment, management and development company.

Our proven strategy is to purchase under-performing assets at prices below replacement costs where we can utilize our development and operating expertise to add value. We seek to renovate and upgrade real estate properties, stabilize and increase tenant occupancy and rental rates, provide property  management and leasing services, and divest these assets within 4-5 years.

The core elements of our value-added investment process are:


Asset management


At OPERA we believe that while real estate markets are cyclical, there will always be opportunities for exceptional risk-adjustment returns. Through careful analysis and detailed business planning, positive factors can be enhanced and negative factors reduced, to improve the odds of generating superior returns for our investors and principals.

+ Acquire properties with sound fundamentals.

+ Purchase assets at discount or replacement value.

+ Purchase assets in need of redevelopment or repositioning where we can leverage our experience to create value.

+ Develop exit strategies before purchasing a property.

+ Purchase real estate subject to seller pressure or other value-enhancing variables.

+Diversify our holdings to mitigate risk.

+ Be entrepeneurial and creative.
+ Manage the bottom line.        

Management Team/Key Management

Sergio Waissmann 
Managing Principal/Investor Relations
Real Estate Financial Advisor

Carlos J.Tilly
Managing Principal/Chief Operative Officer

Jorge Bouza
Managing Principal/Assets Repositioning & Maintenance

Luis Ulloa

Professional Engineer/Civil PE
Property Reviewer

Timur Haeckel
Real Estate Analyst