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Based in Saint Louis, we are a specialized construction company dedicated to meeting the urgent demands of telecommunications companies seeking to expand their broadband services. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with expertise in network planning and the implementation of fiber optic networks. With over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications market, we possess extensive technical knowledge and a proven track record of success


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Fiber optics represents the cutting-edge broadband technology of the future.

It is not wise to compete against the speed of light!

let's Fiber!

Fiber optics represents the future of broadband technology. In an era of remote work, online education, smart homes, 4K streaming, and various other advancements, the importance of innovative and sustainable transmission technology for the future has become evident. Fiber optics not only facilitates faster internet connections but also plays a crucial role in reducing global CO2 emissions compared to other transmission technologies. Hence, it stands as the definitive broadband technology of the future

Fiber Optic Numbers


299,792,458 meters per second: The speed of light in a vacuum, which fiber optics leverage to transmit data at incredible speeds.


10 terabits per second: The maximum data transfer rate achieved over a single optical fiber, showcasing the immense capacity of fiber optic networks.


25 years: The average lifespan of fiber optic cables, making them a durable and long-lasting solution for telecommunications infrastructure


99.7%: The high efficiency rate of fiber optic transmission, with minimal signal loss, ensuring reliable data transfer over long distances.


4,600,000 kilometers: The approximate length of the longest fiber optic cable network in the world, demonstrating the vast reach and connectivity made possible by fiber optics.

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